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Last week in #advancedpractice

There was significantly less controversy and  activity in #advancedpractice since the last installment. The most discussed and retweeted topic was a survey/research project by @alisonleary1 (Professor of Healthcare and Workforce Modelling), Health Education England (HEE), Jessica Lawler and colleagues .  Thanks to @stuart_maddock for the retweeting: Hello all, @alisonleary1
is leading on some modelling for @NHS_HealthEdEng. They are looking for ACP's and trainee ACPs that would be happy to do a survey on working practices. Please have a look if you can #advancedpractice#mentalhealth — Stuart Maddock (@Stuart__Maddock) 4 July 2019

This research project aims to gain insight into the Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) role from different professional backgrounds through an online survey. Its quick to complete (took me 10 minutes) and allows you to opt into a semi-structured interview which can be completed over the phone. It appears to be promoted mainly t…

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Last week in #advancedpractice